visualised space and solutions

Drawnline provides visualised space and solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. We deliver professional spatial design and build services to realise the full potential of your space. Our services also include concept designs, promotional visuals and scheme elevations.

Re-imagine your Space

Drawnline use Computer Aided Design to best imagine a space and how to adapt this to suit a client's needs, styles and budget.
Our designers can plan a concept for you based upon an initial consultation which combines your ideas and space goals.

Once completed these design visuals and plans can be used to finalise requirements for work to commence.
Drawnline work closely with professional trades and suppliers to implement the visualised scheme whilst keeping you updated and involved throughout the design and build process.
The integrated service we provide enables us to ensure the quality of your project from start to finish.

Recent Projects

Outdoor Spaces

Torquay, Garden Design

Outdoor Spaces

Paignton, Garden Design

Indoor Spaces

Interior Design

Drawnline can provide design, supply and installation for both residential and commercial settings. Drawnline understands both what your space needs to do for your customers as well as what it needs to do for you.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our interior design service, supply or installation for indoors.

Our Partnership with Tiny Utopia also allows us to supply the perfect indoor and outdoor plants for your spaces.

Outdoor Spaces

Landscape, Garden and Exterior Design

For most, an outside space you can relax and unwind in is essential for mind and body. We can provide stylish and contemporary design and install for outdoor spaces.

Exterior spaces can be enhanced and transformed using both man-made and natural materials to create an outdoor living or working space to be enjoyed by all. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, Drawnline paired with Tiny Utopia can design, supply and install feature areas for any outdoor space.

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